The Cal Coast ‘Black Out’ You Didn’t Read About!

Protect on-the-water success secrets with the ‘Black Out’ Bait Sack from Cal Coast Fishing

Face it, guys and gals. Even the most honest and forthcoming anglers deserve to keep some secrets.

You know the game. Gapers come by to eyeball your baits after seeing you swing a pair of lunkers over the gunwale … Competitors scout your boat deck for signs of the lure or color that turned an average day into a celebration at the winner’s dais … The truth is, you’d much rather buy them all beers than reveal what landed you the big one.

The quandary is familiar to Dave Romanus, tackle management innovator and owner of Cal Coast Fishing (

The Bait Sack Black Out is every angler’s answer not only to tangle-free tackle but to protecting a winning lure from  ‘identity theft’ during those critical times when a fisherman just plain needs to keep the key to his success to himself,” said Romanus, inventor of The Bait Sack, the easiest, quickest, and most secure lure protector ever made. “Today’s tournament anglers are knowledgeable and versatile. They can convert a subtle detail of lure size or color into a kicker fish that tips the leaderboard their way at weigh-in. If you have earned an edge, you want to keep it.”

Made from “midnight” vinyl, The Bait Sack Black Out keeps your lure – and the lip, the look, the color that make it special – deep in the Bait Sack shadows! Let your competitors speculate all they want about how you caught that winner. The Black Out leaks no secrets!

Like its predecessors, The Bait Sack Clear and The Bait Sack Tournament Edition, the Black Out has a full-time job that continues long after weigh-in. This premium lure protector eliminates potential hook mishaps with its no-nonsense marine-grade vinyl pouch and clever clip system.

Just secure one of the two sizes of rod clip to the back of the sack, squeeze the ends of the sack mouth, and drop in your bait. The Bait Sack closes the moment you release pressure – no snap, no zipper, no Velcro! Simply slip your line through the line catch and snap the clip to your rod shaft. The Bait Sack is ready to protect!

Size matters
The Bait Sack Black Out, Clear, and Tournament editions come in three sizes: Small (3.75” x 5.25”), Medium (4.5” x 7.5”), and Large (5.25” x 9.5”).  Two sizes of rod clips come in each package.
The Small and Medium models easily contain most crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater lures, and swimbaits as well as spoons, jigs, spinnerbaits, and even small umbrella rigs.

The Large model, broad-mouthed and 9.5 inches in length, is ideal for big swimbaits, umbrella rigs, glide baits, and magnum lures of every design.

The Bait Sack Black Out is the one blackout you will welcome. Make this premium lure protect your “lights out” solution to wandering eyes this tournament season.

For more information on The Bait Sack including videos on usage, check out The Bait Sack website: or contact Dave Romanus at Cal Coast Fishing, Phone: 805-455-3568; Email:

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