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So You Want To Look Like A Bass Angler?

Favorite small business fishing apparel brands that should fill your closet.

CAST_FJAD-2 (1)It seems as if these days dressing like an angler gets a bit of a bad rap. I mean, how often do you hear the Salt Life jokes or the continuous ‘ He is wearing a Columbia shirt so he must be a serious angler’ quip?

For many anglers this leads to them not wearing ‘for angler’ shirts and an overflow of old, worn out t-shirts stamped with a dose of slime and mixed with a few scales and the occasional splash of fish pee.

So what are anglers to do? Sure you can head to the local Dick’s or Bass Pro Shops and purchase the latest big brand apparel on the shelves (*disclaimer – I am not against these brands as I am writing this with my favorite shirt on. An Under Armour Thermocline shirt that feels amazing.) But why not support the smaller brands? The ones that embodies what it means to be an angler because the owners are you and know exactly what you need and want.

How do you find these brands? I’m glad you asked because below I will list a few of my favorite small business apparel brands that should fill your closet.


Based out of Chicago, Illinois, CAST Crew has enhanced the way urban anglers dress.  With a unique style and cool approach to the world if angling, the brand has embraced the Freshwater Marauder slogan and showcases their passion for fishing through their apparel, music, videos, and lifestyle.

My favorite clothing from the brand Bass Thumb Tee/Hoodie


Big Bass Dreams

Who doesn’t dream of catching big bass? And this brand is all about the big bass. Whether it’s talking about how dope fishing is or reminding you to catch fish, not feelings, this brand brings you fashionable apparel with unique slogans and graphics you can wear on the water, in school, and at work (*disclaimer – we are not responsible for work termination do to not abiding by the dress code).

My favorite clothing from the brand – Fishing Is Dope Graphic Tee


5Limit Fishing

This veteran owned and operated business features the goal of every tournament angler – to catch a five fish limit. Taking pride in excellent customer service and a quality product, 5Limit Fishing should be ready for your long days on the water as you grind to put the best bag in the livewell.

My favorite clothing from the brand – Iron Gray Dri-Fit shirt


Filthy Anglers

The Get Filthy Movement is real and here to stay. Filthy Anglers is a call of action – telling each angler that wears its clothing that it is time to get filthy. What is ‘getting filthy’? Is it trekking through the woods to find a new honey hole full of double digit bass? Or is it catching a fish during a downpour with no thought of going back to the ramp? Every angler has their own definition of ‘Filthy’ and now, no matter your feelings on the word, there is an apparel line for you.

My favorite clothing from the brand – Filthy Rich Gold Seal tee


Pig Patrol

Pig – definition. A big a** fish! If you are in search of a big a** fish then why not wear a shirt stating that you are searching for a big a** fish? This brand is for people who catch PIGs of multiple species of fish.

 My favorite clothing from the brand – Recycled Pig Tee



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