Profile – Mike Morazzini and Angler’s Music

When bass fishing meets hip hop a new genre of music is born that every angler can relate to - Fish Hop

Ike that bass was rude, gave me an attitude. I pulled her out of school for mouthing off at my spook…..

That’s a snippet of my favorite line from Bass Assault, a song from the new album by Michael Morazzini. The album, creatively titled Droppin’ Lines, mixes and spins hip hop with fishing and provides a new sound every angler can enjoy.

From the outside Michael is just a regular fisherman – a school teacher from Connecticut. But put him in front of a mic, start a conversation about his passion, and watch the creative artist emerge.

“Almost all of my songs come from personal experiences, feelings, emotions and trials and tribulations of angling,” Michael tells us. “I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk pretty much, being lucky enough to have the influence of my dad and my uncle who were obsessed anglers. They took me everywhere, fresh and salt. A few of my songs (Never Give Up, Going Ike) are about the life of Mike Iaconelli and/or Professional Bass fishing. I am not a professional bass angler, but I can easily relate to the struggles of an angler and the feelings and emotions that come along with our sport.”

Michael’s first album, Angler Talk, was released in 2009 and put him on the map with hits such as Big Fisherman, FISHING, Take a Cast, We Dream, Plug Dealin’. This new album follows in its footsteps by providing even more detailed lyrics anglers can relate to. And best of all – it is clean hip hop.

“My goal with this album was to really appeal to most anglers with more general subject matter that we ALL can relate to (ie. She’s Gone- the lead track about losing big fish or Bomb Em’- about setting the hook, Fishing Machine- motivational track to deal with fishing adversity). Never Give Up, is a past hit track that I had released with Mike Iaconelli, but it is remastered for the album and can apply to any aspect of life.”

Michael credits an array of artists that has helped influence his style, drawing from hip hop greats such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, and The Roots while also leaning on the bravura of other artists including Jimmy Buffet, Cold Play, and Rage Against the Machine. This unique mixture is prevalent throughout the album.

As far as future music plans? Michael wants to build on the success of Droppin’ Lines and hopes to collaborate with anglers interested in making music together. “You can expect and be on the lookout for some sushi style, RAW fishing bars to come out very soon,” Michael informs us. “I’m in the process of throwing together some acapella rhymes I have to just get some lyrical content out to the anglers. You can also expect more music in the future, but for now my main goal is to continue to put Droppin’ Lines, in the stereo sets, ipod, boat speakers, etc. of every angler that I can possibly reach.”

You can check out Michael Morazzini’s music at and in the iTunes store.


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