Netfish — The App That Makes Fishing Easier

From finding fish to sharing it with friends... You should have this app on your phone.

I know what you are thinking.

No, not another social fishing app. And not another biased review that tells us it’s the new, must have app for the fishing community.

Well…. This is not that type of review. I set out to see if this was, as I stated above, just another social fishing app. And it is.

But at the same time, it isn’t.

Let me explain. NetFish is an app like any other. You log on, record your catch information, post it on the app, and share your success with your friends. And the app works. Just like the other apps on the market. Just in a different way.

When you click on the Fishing Spots tab I thought (at first) that I was scrolling through the map to see where people have caught fish. Just like in similar apps in the app stores. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that was not the case. Instead of gathering GPS data from user’s fish catches, NetFish utilizes real sonar data from iBobber, a Bluetooth castable fishing finder owned by the same company, to give you information on the presence of fish and vegetation, water depth and temperature. This information, in conjunction with their data on fish biology, moon phases, and bathymetry gives the users predictable data on where and when fish can be caught.

There is no need for you to share your secret honey hole or that new spot you just stumbled upon. NetFish already gathers all the information you need to find and catch more fish.

The Catch Feed allows users to interact with fellow anglers both near and far and I have found to be useful in finding new fishing partners to head out with. You see what people are catching and how, which facilitates your understanding of patterns and catching more fish.

And then there is the Reelwards.

This is that ‘why didn’t I think of that’ type of addition. Reelwards is a way for users to earn fishing gear and tackle for using the app. Did you upload a catch today? Great you get 30 points. How about add a friend to the loyalty program? Thanks, that’s another 100 points. And so on and so on.

The more you use the app the more points you earn. And the points can be used to purchase items in the shop.  T-shirts, hats, fishing line, and reels are all available. They even have a $3,500 Hobie Pro Angler for when you are raking in the points.

So, is it just another app? Yes, but it is also much more. The way NetFish leads you to fish is unique in ways more efficient than other apps, and if you are using your precious time on an app why not get something back in return. Be rewarded for your day of fishing.

But, with all reviews there is the good and the bad, and it is my duty to play both sides of the fence. So here goes.

During one outing, I received the dreaded ‘cannot connect to the server’ message as I was working through posts and the map. This was annoying and I had to constantly close and reopen the app. The next day the issue was gone and I was back to earning points. No harm no foul, right?

It’s software. There are times when it may not work and a day or two out of the many weeks of testing is not enough for me to think something is not working. NetFish has worked flawlessly ever since.

Over all, NetFish is an app worthy of your precious phone storage. It does a great job recording your fishing data and is useful in not only becoming a better angler, but also to earn free gear. And who doesn’t like free gear.

NetFish App – 4 out of 5 FISH

For more information and to check out their castable fishfinder, visit, or

you can find the NetFish app in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store linked below.







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