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How to Catch Your PB During the Winter Transition

The Tactical Bassin' guys give you a great tip to catch a winter monster

I know what you are thinking…

It’s some sort of gimmick or trick. There is no one trick that will guarantee a personal best bass.

And you are right. But you are also wrong.

There are always ways to better your chances to catch your next personal best. And the guys from Tactical Bassin have a slew of these tips. The one above is worth your attention and I won’t spill the beans down here. You will have to scroll above and play the video for that.

Everyone wants to become a better angler. Sometimes you just have to see what someone else is doing to be successful. Be sure to follow Tactical Bassin’s YouTube Channel for more great tips and check out their website and guide service at

Until next time…. Tight Lines & Big Fish

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