Not Every Bass Can Flaunt Like Peacock

South Florida Angler Kwanza Henderson shows us that the exotic peacock bass should be on your bucket lists.
photos coutesy of Kwanza Henderson

Technically, it is a bass.


But it’s not the same as the black bass we are all accustomed to fishing for. These exotic fish come from the heart of the Amazon in South America and put up one heck of a fight. And once they were introduced into the South Florida canals they became a staple game fish for the state.

Just ask Kwanza Henderson, a kayak fishing pro who regularly catches these beautiful fish. “Peacock bass are simply fun to catch,” Kwanza tells me. “They fight so hard and you can catch them on light tackle. The lighter the tackle the greater the fight.”

Kwanza regularly puts his friends and family on the hard fighting fish, and recently had good friend Charles Levi down for some fly fishing action. You can see it on in the short video below.

“Just the beauty of the fish is mesmerizing and the fight would give you memories of a lifetime,” Kwanza states. “You don’t have to go all the way to the Amazon to catch exotic fish. You can come to South Florida and we can get your fix.”

While the fishing industry is fixated – and rightfully so – on the black bass family, let’s not forget about the ‘other’ bass of no relation.

If you want to learn more about South Florida peacock bass fishing or would like to plan a trip be sure to contact Kwanza Henderson – or on Facebook.


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