December 8, 2019
  • December 8, 2019
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Jenko Fishing Persues 110 Jerkbait Review

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Jenko Fishing’s products are great all the way down the line. You can’t really say anything negative about them. Take for instance the Persues 110 Jerkbait. I was impressed, but not surprised, about what I found. It works and can do a lot more than advertised. I will talk about that in a moment.

But first, let’s talk specs on the Persues 110. Jenko Fishing’s owner and mastermind, Coleton Jennings, designed this lure for over a year looking to create the perfect suspending jerkbait. When he was complete, the Persues came in at 110 mm at a 1/2oz. weight. He paired it with three sticky VMC treble hooks and some of the best color jobs in the fishing industry.

The weight transfer system sends the jerkbait flying when casted and attributes to a unique darting action.

Right out the box this lure is ready to catch fish!

But Is It Versatile?

When you think about jerkbait fishing you think of cold weather, dead of winter fishing. For me, I think of cooler water temps, docks, and slack tide fishing. Let me explain.

I live in Florida, which means our winter is short and cold weather at times can be elusive. While the rest of the states are enjoying their February winter we are down here ‘enjoying’ 85-degree days and preparing for hotter days to come.

So, a jerkbait needs to do a bit more than excel in cold weather.

The Persues 110 does just that. Here’s how.

The Only Way To Succeed Is To Take Action

And the jerkbait’s action is its bread and butter. The Persues 110 darting action is darn good. It only takes a slight twitch to make the lure jerk and come to a sudden pause and you can fish it at different depths with simple adjustments on the retrieve.

I spent a lot of time looking at the lure underwater to see how well it suspends and if it’s too ‘erratic’ in its dart and I found no such issues. It has a unique action that darts up and down as well as side to side. I didn’t understand it until I saw it myself and I think this unique action really plays on its appeal to the fish.

This is important to me because of how I use jerkbaits. I tend to tie one on when I am dock fishing or casting parallel to man-made structures – in both fresh and salt water and during slack tides (in the salt). Because of this the jerkbait must not dart too erratic and look like an easy meal for the fish.

Speaking of snook…

Durability Is A Must

Saltwater, docks, and snook. This is not something most bass anglers hear during their tackle shop talk but is something I do as much as possible. It also means lures I use must stand up to quite a bit of abuse, and the Persues 110 stood up to the challenge.

A lure needs great hooks, a durable bill, and a tough paint job to tackle the mighty snook, and even more to combat my bad casting. There has never been a dock I haven’t hit.

And I hit a few with the Persues 110. Was there some chipping? Yes, but very little and the bill held just fine. After roughing it up a bit the jerkbait fished as expected without any change to its action.

So Is It Worth Your $$

This depends on you. For me, the unique action and year long versatility makes it a winner and gives it a permanent home in my tackle box.

I was partial to the Addiction and Sneaky colors for all around fishing success, but there are many color schemes to choose from so pick what works best for your home waters.

The Persues 110 is available at,, and were Jenko Fishing lures are sold.

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