December 8, 2019
  • December 8, 2019
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The Best Lures For Pond Fishing Success

By on September 14, 2019 1 141 Views

Pond fishing is the best fishing!

Yeah, I said it. Pond fishing is the best fishing because it gives every angler a chance to go out and catch fish. You don’t need a boat or kayak, and no matter the situation, you can probably find a fish or two.

That is if you know how to go about it the right way. 

I’m not a pond fishing authority, however, like many of you, I have spent quite a bit of time perusing the bank for monster bass. Through the ups and downs, I have come up with a surefire way to locate and catch the next pond lunker. 

And it starts with paying attention to the water columns. While fish are continuously moving from one area to another, having the right lures for the right circumstances will allow you to give a better presentation and maximize your success on the bank. 

Pond anglers rarely have enough space to carry an entire tackle box, so choosing the right lures become even more critical. Here are my go-to pond fishing lures for each section in the water column. 

Fishing The Top

It is easy to tie on any old topwater lure and cast it out with the hopes a big fish will give you an entertaining blowup. But, the truth of the matter is that some topwater baits fit the pond fishing life better than others. 

Here is my list of lures for fishing the top of a pond’s water column.

DOA Lures PT-7 – You may not have heard of this topwater before. DOA Lures is known for their saltwater baits and have recently begun dipping their toes into the freshwater market, and the PT-7 is a perfect marriage between a walk-the-dog style bait and a frog. It is weedless, walks effortless, and is the ideal size to catch any sized bass in your local pond. 

I tend to skip the PT-7 where I cannot skip other topwater baits. Under docks and overhanging trees or in the slop you typically reserve for frog fishing. Being fairly weedless, the PT-7 is a perfect bait to be used in multiple applications at the top water column.

The Popper – I am not going to be brand-specific with this one, so go out a put a topwater popper in your tackle tray. 

Typically, I would leave a popper out of the list. However, there are two situations when I believe a popper is paramount to pond fishing success. First, when there is a lot of shallow submerged structure. The popper allows you to add commotion while slowly working your lure and keeping it close to the structure where the bass tend to hang out.

The second situation is after it rains. I am not sure why a popper works so well on a rainy day, but it does. Don’t believe me? Tie one on the next time you are fishing after it storms. Just remember to hang on!

Fishing The Middle

Oh, the middle and most overlooked water column. In some ponds, like many here in Florida, the middle of the water column can mean 2-4 feet. Other pond’s middle column could be as much as 15 feet or deeper. In any sense, you should not overlook the middle of the water column. 

The Wacky Rigged Stickbait – Duh! There was no way I could have a pond fishing article and not mention the best fishing lure ever created. The do-nothing-to-it stickbait is the perfect pond fishing bait, and I could have ended this article early by saying it is the only bait you need. 

But, what is the fun in that? Instead, I say to use the stickbait for the middle of the water column. Rig it wacky-style, cast it out, count to five, give it a twitch and repeat. Or, maybe you should go ahead and use a stickbait for everything. 

A Suspending Jerkbait – I know what you are thinking. Jerkbaits are seasonal, and you wouldn’t dare tie one on when they ‘are not in season.’ I beg to differ, and I want to give you a better option when it comes to fishing a suspended jerkbait.

The lure is called the MirrOdine by MirrOlure. It is a bait that I again have taken from the saltwater world. Although it doesn’t look like the typical jerkbait, it acts similarly. 

A slow sinking lure, the MirrOdine elicits incredible reaction strikes with the subtle twitch of the rod and is shaped like many sunfish that inhabit the ponds across the US. Best of all, it is a lure that almost no one in the bass fishing world is using!

Going Deep

I know what you are thinking. THE NED RIG CATCHES FISH. I 100% agree so I will keep this one simple. Tie on a Ned Rig, but use the right hook for added versatility. Try using this one.

The Weedless Ned – My suggestion is the Lifted Jigs Ned EWG, which provides your Ned Rig with the proven power of being weedless. Once you have to worry less about getting hung up or snagged your Ned Rig becomes unstoppable. Fish it closer to grass lines, around brush and timber. Cast it under docks and through rocks to pick off a few extra bass. Your options are almost limitless.

The Honorable Mention

I guess it is a Florida thing, but you can’t have a list of fishing lures without mention the one-and-only Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm. Rig this beauty with a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce tungsten weight, and you have the ultimate fishing machine.

Want to fish it at the top? Work it like a buzzbait for some topwater joy. Need it in the middle? Slow your retrieve so that it slowly falls as you reel it in. How about on the bottom? Bounce it along for the biggest of bass. You can’t go wrong with a Speed Worm. 

Hopefully, this list will give you a bit of help for the next time you hit your local pond. Did I miss any lures?

If I did, comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Konstantin Zotov 3 months ago

    I use a different lure for pond fishing. It’s really a pain ass lure. I think ill adopt one of those. They should perform better than the one am using currently.

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