December 8, 2019
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The Second Option – Different Ways To Fish A Scrounger Head

By on September 14, 2019 0 142 Views

Who reading this has fishing a scrounger head? I am sure most of you are not raising your hands right now. Although scrounger fishing is becoming more popular, it is not a technique utilized by many anglers. And I am here to tell you that you are missing out on a prime opportunity. 

For me, scrounger fishing will never be my first option. However, it comes into play when my first option meets an obstacle. Crankbaits, chatterbaits, and swim jigs can all be replaced effectively by a scrounger head depending on the situation. Here are a few examples.

Obstacle: When Crankbaits Meet Grass

When your crankbait bite is on, and the bass are holding deep, it can seem like nothing can stop you. That is unless you have clumps of grass separating you from your lure. There is nothing more annoying than having to continually pull off the tufts of grass attached to your crank’s treble hooks. 

That’s when I tie on a scrounger head to get the job done. The scrounger can be fished deep and dig the bottom similar to how you would work a crankbait, and it is much more weedless than anything with treble hooks. It gives off the same wobble, creates the same disturbance, and you can beef up the profile if needed when you want to give the bass a healthier food option.

Obstacle: Dirty Water Makes The Swim Jig Ineffective

I LOVE SWIM JIGS! And nothing frustrates me more than when water clarity is low, and bass overlook my jig as it swims by. Typically, I tie on a chatterbait in this situation. However, there are times when a chatterbait has too much action for skittish bass. 

Boom goes the scrounger head. It gives off enough erratic motion and vibration to call in the fish without overdoing it. The fish can hone in on the lure’s location and not be scared off by its oscillation. The result is more fish in the boat and less of a headache for you.

This leads me directly to my last point.

Obstacle: When The Chatterbait Gives Too Much Chatter

Similar to the last obstacle, bass can be skittish at times. And a well-placed chatterbait can sometimes do more harm than good. In clear water situations with pressured bass, they can at times run far away from an approaching chatterbait. It has too much flash, or thump and causes more harm than good to your chances of hooking a fish. 

A scrounger head can go in similar places as the chatterbait with less ‘draw.’ Making it ideal for waters that are not as dirty and full of stressed fish. If you don’t need the added flash and are only looking for some wobble and vibration, the scrounger head is for you. 

The versatility of a scrounger head makes it an ideal bait to remain in your tackle box at all times. Keep in mind that you can use a scrounger head outside of ledge fishing and you are on your way to more fish in your boat.

My tackle choices: Jenko Fishing’s Tremor Head with the 4” Tremor Shad

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