December 8, 2019
  • December 8, 2019
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Video – How To Catch More Fish With Crankbaits

By on September 16, 2019 0 218 Views

There are countless baits you can use to catch fish, but not too many as efficient and fun as a crankbait. Whether you are tossing around a lipless Rat-L-Trap or a deep-diving crankbait you are sure to find fish quickly and pick them apart one by one.

That is if you know how to use them. I would give you my two cents on the matter, but to be honest it wouldn’t get you too far. So I went to the web to bring you some of that useful knowledge straight from FLW Tour Pro Brian Latimer.

Brian talks about the Rat-L-Trap and other Bill Lewis Lures he had a hand in creating while giving you a bit of know-how in the crankbait department. Watch – learn – and become a better angler!

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