December 8, 2019
  • December 8, 2019
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The RODgeeks Rg-42 Review

By on September 20, 2019 0 298 Views

Although the RG-42 has been on the market for some time now, I recently decided to really see what the rod can do and highlight the benefits of a shorter, travel-like rod for the everyday angler. The RODgeeks rod is 42 inches long with plenty of fight and gives you almost everything you need for a fun day out on the water.


And it should be. RODgeeks is a company under Axiom North America, LLC. Axiom manufactures rod blanks for some of the largest brands in the fishing industry that you more than likely fish with right now, including St. Croix. They know what they are doing, and it shows in the build.

The composite rod is sensitive, durable, and strong enough to handle fish in both fresh and saltwater. But this is just the beginning as to what makes the RG-42 special.


The RG-42 can be purchased as a kit, with a case, small tackle box, pliers, and a 2000 size spinning reel. Basically, you have a ready to fish setup you can keep in the trunk of your car.

The RG-42 will not replace your 7’2’’ specialty rod. It is more of an everyday, keep near you until you pass that honey hole on your way home kind of rod. What the gives you is the opportunity to fish at any given location at any given time.


Being a 42-inch rod, you would think you’d have to give up on casting distance. And you do – to a point. Once you get used to casting a shorter rod you can really give it a swing and watch your lure fly. I was able to throw a weightless senko wherever I needed it to go. Will a longer rod cast farther? Yes, but not by much.

The RG-42 rod and reel combo comes with monofilament line; however, this Florida guy needed his braid. I swapped it out with 15lb Finatic Tackle braid and never looked back. The combo casts with ease and the shorter rod allows you to skip baits more easily and fish the banks when there is heavy bush around.


I have caught redfish, bluefish, bass up to 5lbs, bluegill, and (hopefully very soon) giant grass carp on this rod. The latter of the list came unglued before I landed it, but the rod did its job to perfection. There is no reason to shy away from big fish because you have a shorter rod. Once loaded, the rod handles fish well and you can really maneuver around to land your catch.

Let’s be honest. The RG-42 is no flipping stick. I cannot recommend dropping a bait into the most gnarly of weeds with the hope of pulling out a trophy bass. It can be done, but I would advise against it. Moving baits, on the other hand, pair up perfectly with the RG-42 and a Texas rigged soft plastic will pay off with a little more gusto on the hookset.


People go in and out of my van and there is no way I can keep an arsenal of rods with me to fish on a whim. The RG-42 solves that issue for me. Whether I keep it in the trunk or lower storage area, I always have a rod handy for when the itch to fish come upon me.

I literally take it everywhere I go, and I have found many new fishable ponds around town thanks to the convenience of having a rod in arms reach.

For example, on Father’s day my family took me and my father out for lunch. This being Florida, of course there was a retention pond right outside the restaurant. After lunch, my family stayed by our cars to chitchat and having a good time. Me, always thinking about fishing, took out my RG-42 to make a cast. My first cast landed a 4lb bass.


I must be honest. You don’t NEED the RG-42, but it is great to have. You should WANT the RG-42 for what it gives you. A compact rod and reel combo that allows you more opportunities to fish for big fish. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop by the bank after you leave the bank and catch a few fish? How about being able to catch dinner after you leave the grocery store?

The RG-42 by RODgeeks gives you the opportunity to do just that. At $119.99 for the rod and reel (or $69.99 for just the rod and $149.99 for the rod, reel, and case combo) I think it is a worthy investment for the diehard angler.

Always be prepared with the RG-42.

The RG-42 is available for purchase at

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