November 15, 2019
  • November 15, 2019
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Need A Boat? Try The FishSkiff by Sea Eagle

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For a lot of anglers, having a boat isn’t feasible. Some prefer the condo living and have nowhere to store such a substantial investment. For others, it’s about money. Boats are getting increasingly expensive, and some may (or should) list their family and adult responsibilities ahead of a boat purchase.

Or maybe it’s a combination of them all plus a slew of other factors that are keeping you from going 80 mph down your local lake.

It is these reasons why kayaks are becoming more popular by the minute, but if you are like me, you may not want to spend a lot of your time paddling.

And if you are like me, this may be the next best thing.

I first saw the FishSkiff by Sea Eagle when they announced the launch via email. It looked lovely (for an inflatable boat), seemed big enough, and you couldn’t overlook the price. It got me thinking about the benefits of an inflatable boat. Here are a few reasons why I believe you should consider something like this as your next fishing boat.

The Convenience of the Inflatable

Yeah, the thing is convenient. The FishSkiff stores in a bag. A bag that can fit in your closet and even better – the trunk of your car.

Not only does this mean you can store your boat in your home, but it allows you to take it practically anywhere with you.

And it eliminates the need for a truck. Another payment gone! Having an inflatable boat gives you the flexibility to carry it in your coupe, be on the water in minutes, and store it in your closet after a day’s fishing.

The Price is Right

Have you seen how much the latest and greatest fishing boats cost? Anglers are paying upwards to 100K for their boats, and that doesn’t include electronics. The cost of owning a bass boat is probably the leading factor to why some of you do not have one.

The FishSkiff – starting at $1,799

There are options you can add on to the inflatable boat – motor packages, a canopy, and extra seats – that increase the price, but it is still well below the cost of a traditional bass boat. Just think about the tackle you can buy with all of that money you are saving.

Let’s not forget the amount of dough saved on maintenance fees, possible docking fees, fuel, the extra batteries. The list goes on and on.

Does saving money tickle your fancy? Well, maybe this next reason will too.

Save Time and Fish More

You know how it goes at the big lake. You can sit there waiting for the boat ramp to clear up so you can back up your truck, loosen everything up and slide your boat into the water. Then you run your boat 25 miles away to fish your favorite spot, leaving you one hour less to fish.

What if you could put in on the side of the road? Or any bank. The FishSkiff gives you the same versatility as a kayak. You can put it in the water practically anywhere, saving you time to do more fishing.

Of course, you have to drive to the launch spot, but when you are not trailing a boat, you might make it there a bit faster.

Now I am not saying to ditch the fiberglass and go for an inflatable boat. There are still many great reasons to own one. I’m just trying to point out how an inflatable boat may fit into your life a bit easier.

There is still nothing like going 80 down your local lake!

To learn more about the FishSkiff visit

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