What are the best construction and motors of meat slicers?

A meat slicer is very useful, convenient kitchen equipment in your home. It. Is not only good for slicing all of your deli meats, raw and uncooked meats, but also can be used to slice vegetables, cheeses, breads and all other soft food.

When choosing the best meat slicer, you will want to make sure that the machine you get has the good quality used to construct it that worth your money. Keep reading this post to get the strong and sturdy construction of meat slicer.

#1 Rubber footprints

Do not under estimate the important of rubber footprints. The rubber stoppers on the legs of the meat slicers will help to keep it from moving too much while using. The rubber footprints will ensure the machine won’t wobble around.

Without rubber footprints, it can be a safety hazard for you and cause inconsistency in the size of the meat being sliced.

#2 Motor

It is obvious that the best meat slicer should be very powerful and the motor is strong enough to not be burned up when handle harder foods or heavy-duty task or when the slicer is being used for an extended period of time.

There is a tip to know the motor of slicer is powerful or not is choosing a gear-driven motor. Gear driven motors tend to be much faster and stronger, especially on the larger models. While the older models may use the belt driven motors, which are less powerful or fast.

#3 Blades

There is no wirecutter meat slicer, all type of meat slicers uses blades to cut. Anyone who has used a meat slicer will know how important the blades are. There are some types of blade that come with the machine. But it is better to get the meat slicers that give you extra blades that you are able to switch out.

Serrated blades are typically better to cut breads and some of the tougher meats, frozen meats. The straight edge rotor blades are used to cut softer raw meat, cheese or vegetable. Make sure it is very sharp and made from stainless steel as these types of blades do not rest and can cut through almost anything.

It is even better if the slicer has a built-in blade sharpener or you will need to buy a separate one. The built-in blade sharpener allows you to sharpen your blade with just the push of a button.

Good Supply Growers Choice review: goodsupplycannabis.com

We apologize if we missed something here but while Good Supply may be part of Aphria, one of the largest sellers of 420 seed bank in the world and listed on the New York Stock exchange, there is no information that Good Supply Sells Cannabis Seeds.

Good Supply Growers, rather than being a single, unified website seller like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, is collection of 13 different websites in different provinces in Canada.

When we clicked on the where to buy website and selected British Columbia, we were taken to BC Cannabis Stores Website. We next did a search for seeds and found the site does indeed sell a variety of cannabis seeds although we noticed you only get 4 at a time.

We then selected Power Cush seeds on the website to see how far we could go with an order. Unfortunately, BC Cannabis Stores only delivers to Canadian provinces.

We tried a second Good Supply Store in Ontario and found exactly the same results.

Good Seeds may be a good supplier for Canadian buyers, but our purpose here is find Cannabis companies that ship to the USA.

Best LED aquarium lighting for plants: Beamswork DA 6500k LED Light vs  Finnex FugeRay

There are many reasons that make LEDs perfect for planted aquariums. LED light is far superior to other types of light. The easy to use, last for a long time, release much less heat, cheaper electric costs, and better for plant growth. We sum up here two of the best LED aquarium lighting for plants: Beamswork DA 6500k LED Light vs  Finnex FugeRay.

Finnex FugeRay is highly appreciated since it offers some different modes for the natural look and also provides efficient wavelengths for plant photosynthesis.

#1 Full spectrum light

If you are looking for the light that has the right output for the growth of the plants, so full-spectrum is the important aspect that you must consider. Full-spectrum means the LED light should include as many colors as possible with high intensity.

Beamswork DA is fitted with 6500K spectrum LEDs that include blue light and white light. It is commonly used for planted freshwater. Although Beamswork is not the most powerful light, it recommends being used for low to mid-level plants. It may not provide enough light for the plants that require high-intensity light. But it will meet a significant proportion of aquarium plants and it is also a low-cost option.

Finnex FugeRay is more advanced than Beamswork. the Finnex FugeRay contains red and blue LEDs, Which create the natural color of aquatic plants, making. It will be a great choice if you are looking to spruce up your tank.

Finnes GugeRay includes (60) 7000k + (32) 660nm RED + (4) Blue Moonlights. Especially, the 660nm red LEDs have found to be one of the most efficient wavelengths for plant photosynthesis.

#2 Modes

It is so great to get the model with some different modes of lighting. So that you can switch between these most to nurturing your plant life and make your aquarium tank more attractive visual.

The Finnex FugeRay is a completely suitable lighting system for those that want to bring out the natural colors in their planted aquarium. The FugeRay has featured moonlight mode, which can be able to separate switch. It should be used during the evening to create the aquarium a pleasant moonlight tone. It also includes the white light for daytime lighting and red LEDs offer a warmer tone for the aquarium.

Beamswork DA is much more simple. It includes blue and white light but cannot separately control and create different effects. This light just comes with a 3-way switch Dim, Off and Bright.

The best chicken feeder: Roamwild PestOff vs RentACoop Chicken Feeder

The best chicken feeder is the most hygiene way to feed your chicken and save the chicken food. The chicken feeder will prevent the wastage that will occur if you scatter the chicken food all over the ground.

We have listed in this post below 2 trustworthy chicken feeders that you can consider for your flock: Roamwild PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder vs RentACoop Chicken Feeder.

As quick disclose, our top pick for the best chicken feeder is RentACoop Chicken Feeder since it keeps food pest-free, it protects from weather, avoids spillage, and will last for a long time.

#1 Capacity

The capacity of the feeder and the best chicken waterer totally depends on the number of chicken that you have to feed. The different feeders provide different capacities and a number of feeding slots. As the basic rules, the feeder with a capacity of 15 lbs can feed almost 15-20 chickens.

RentACoop chicken feeder has an incredible capacity. It offers the extra-large capacity of about 20 pounds of feed at once. That means if you have 2 hens, you will need to refill it once per month, 14 days for 4 hens and once every week for 8 hens.

The Roamwild PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder has a decent capacity of around eight pounds. It recommended being used for 4-6 hens. If you have more chickens, you will need more than one feeder.

#2 Design

RentACoop chicken feed has a simple design that could possibly go wrong with it. It is very easy to uses and will last for a long time. It is has a waterproof design with two feeding ports. Due to its design, you just need to pop the id up, pour in the feeder and replace the lid. The chicken will need to stick their head deep into the feeding ports to eat which means this will help avoid wasting food.

Moreover, the RentACoop Chicken Feeder is also 100% food grade and BPA free plastic. It comes fully assembled and, therefore, it’s ready to be used straight away.

The Roamwild PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder also designed with two feeding windows. It includes a chain and brackets that used for mounting and suspend the feeder. It is also weatherproof, so you can use it outside.

However, the drawback is that it has a slim and top-heavy design so you have to hang it off the ground. There are some users who complained about its durability.

 #3 Pest-proofing

You will not want to get the feeder that can be easily accessed by insects and other wildlife animals and wasting your food.

RentACoop feeder design has the great for deterring wild birds, squirrels, mice, and rats getting into your coop, 99% of food stays in the feeder. But the weakness is this feeder isn’t effective with very young chicks because they can crawl inside the feeding port, so they still can be able to create waste inside.

The feeder has a design that features individually spring-loaded feeding ports, which allow only chicken access to the food, not pests. However, the spring-loaded needs to be maintained regularly to retain function.

KastKing Carbon Baitcasting Reel Makes Debut

KastKing®, a division of Eposeidon, Inc.  launched a new unique carbon composition low-profile carbon baitcasting reel for 2016, the KastKing® Stealth.

KastKing®’s Stealth is a high performance, super lightweight carbon baitcasting reel that offers anglers a superior high-tech component reel that sells for far less than most low profile baitcaster models from other brands.
KastKing Stealth Carbon Baitcaster

Outstanding elements of the KastKing® Stealth carbon baitcaster include carbon side plates and frame, carbon fiber handle with flat-paddle EVA grips, and carbon fiber drag system. Other components such as its CNC machined and lightened spool, which spins effortlessly on a stainless steel spool shaft, are crafted from aerospace grade aluminum. The KastKing® Stealth carbon baitcaster is impressive with 11 stainless steel shielded ball bearings and an instant lock anti-reverse roller bearing. To further save weight Stealth designers also opted for a hardened aerospace-grade aluminum micro mesh gear system that drives a versatile high speed 7.0:1 gear ratio.

“There is nothing else out there that has Stealth’s array of features at its price point,: says Tom Gahan, marketing director at Eposeidon. “Any other brand offering a carbon baitcasting reel with any carbon materials cost two or three times more than a Stealth baitcaster. As soon as we saw the high-end design features, the jet turbine-shaped carbon drag star adjuster and its flat-black Stealth fighter aircraft color…the Stealth name stuck. Everything about the KastKing® Stealth carbon baitcasting reel is a knockout, including the price.”
Rigid Carbon Construction

KastKing® Stealth fishing reels are available in right and left handle models, has a spool capacity of 165 yards of 12 lb. test line and is finished in matte carbon black with gold highlights. Stealth low profile carbon baitcasting reels are 100% corrosion resistant and are saltwater fishing approved. They have a one-year warranty. Stealth MSRP is $89.98, but will be discounted to retail at $59.98 USD through Amazon www.amazon.com/kastking, and other select online retailers.

Tate Cui, Eposeidon’s CEO states, “Once again KastKing has come through for the angler. KastKing Stealth carbon baitcasters are a high quality, state-of-the-art carbon baitcasting reel at an affordable price. It sacrifices nothing. An exceptional feature of the Stealth is its unprecedented seven braking magnets in the dual brake system. Baitcaster reels typically only have five or fewer brake magnets. Stealth is a dream baitcaster reel for anglers.”
For more about the KastKing Stealth, see the video trailer, please CLICK HERE

Reality Check – Five ways to catch more fish with LIVETARGET’s award-winning Flutter Sardine with Injected Core Technology® (ICT)

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (September 12, 2019) – Saltwater game fish love sardines, and saltwater anglers love LIVETARGET’s versatile new Flutter Sardine jigging spoon. Winner of the highly competitive Best Saltwater Hard Bait category in the ICAST 2019 New Product Showcase Awards, the Flutter Sardine employs LIVETARGET’s new Injected Core Technology to yield the unprecedented combination of an ultra-realistic sardine profile and maximum strike-provoking action.

One look at the new Flutter Sardine and anglers instantly recognize that this is no ordinary jigging spoon. Injected Core Technology drives this versatile lure’s fish-catching performance. Its exceptionally life-like Inner-Core closely mimics a real sardine in every detail – from dark eyes and gill slits to proportionally correct scaled bodies and graduated color patterns that are dark on top and lighter toward the bottom. The metallic Inner-Core also produces a strobe-like flash that shines incredibly bright to attract game fish, even in deep, dark water. The Inner-Core’s exceptional realism is further supported by an encapsulating clear plastic Exo-Skin that drives the lure’s impressive action and completes the illusion.

The Flutter Sardine’s Exo-Skin is virtually invisible underwater and creates a unique action that saltwater fish love. The bait shimmies for 60% to 70% of the drop, while also adding a seductive and sporadic cradle-style action that rocks front to back. The cradle action is further complemented by an occasional swinging movement, creating a highly versatile lure that excels throughout the water column and in multiple presentations.

Haven’t tried the new LIVETARGET Flutter Sardine yet? Here are five can’t-miss ways to fish this hot new salt bait.

Vertical Jigging

The LIVETARGET Flutter Sardine excels as a vertical jigging spoon. When jigged vertically, the bait will shimmy, rock or cradle seductively on the fall, while darting wildly and flashing brightly when raised. Sharp, short snaps of the rod tip produce a repeatable twitching action to trigger suspended or bottom-hugging fish.

Cast, Lift and Fall

Anglers can target fish off to the sides of the boat – or from shore – by casting the Flutter Sardine and retrieving it with a lift and fall swimming/jigging action. The feathered saltwater-grade treble hook creates drag as the lure sinks, holding it in a realistic profile as it descends through the depths.

Burn and Skip

The Flutter Sardine can be “burned” just subsurface – and even skipped over the surface – to mimic a fleeing baitfish.

Current Swing

Anglers plying bridges and inlets can make quartering down current casts with the Flutter Sardine and allow the bait to wobble and slide past pilings, baitfish schools and other key fish-holding locations. Capable of slicing and swimming through strong currents, the Flutter Sardine can also be retrieved through current areas with an erratic lift and fall presentation.

Bang the Bottom

Whether jigged vertically or casted and retrieved, the Flutter Sardine can provoke strikes by making contact with a soft bottom. The Exo-Skin is produced with an advanced plastic that has a slight pliability to make it extremely durable. Whether “poofing” the bottom repeatedly or only making occasional contact, the resulting commotion can attract game fish and prompt powerful strikes.

Never before has there been a jigging spoon this anatomically accurate, this realistic-looking and with such unique action. Constructed with saltwater-grade hooks and tasked to tempt everything from snook, stripers, redfish and summer flounder to black sea bass, snapper, grouper, tarpon and a multitude of other predatory species, the LIVETARGET Flutter Sardine ushers in a new era of jigging spoon design… and legions of grinning anglers.

The new LIVETARGET Flutter Sardine comes in five weights to meet a variety of saltwater fishing applications: 3/8 oz. (11 g); 1/2 oz. (14 g); 3/4 oz. (21 g); 1 oz. (28 g); and 1-1/2 oz. (42 g). Six realistic forage-matching colors ensure anglers always have the ability closely Match-the-Hatch®. MSRP is $9.99 USD.


Since its launch in 2008, LIVETARGET has grown into a full family of life-like fishing lures that Match-the-Hatch® to specific game fish forage, with an expansive library of lure styles and colors for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The lures feature industry-leading designs in realism and workmanship that closely mimic nature’s different prey species. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, LIVETARGET won ICAST Best of Show awards in the hard and soft lure categories in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Noel Vick

Traditions Media


an intense feeling of deep affection.

I guess you can say I LOVE FISHING. I mean I write about it. Talk about it. And do something pretty fishy almost every day.

You can almost say I am in love with fishing (please don’t tell my wife).

I wear and wash this shirt so much it is starting to fade

So when I got this shirt it became my favorite immediately. And you can tell because it is wearing down after only a few months of having it.

But the craziest thing about it is that I get complemented on it everywhere I go. People are constantly stopping me to tell me how much they like the shirt and saying things like, “This is going to be Bob’s Christmas gift,” and “Where did you get it? My husband would love that shirt.”

Which is why I am writing this. Because everyone who has a love for fishing should be wearing it.

You can find it on Woo! Tungsten’s website. Don’t worry. This is the link right here.

Do yourself a solid and click above, order, and show the world your passion.

Or give the angler in your life a gift that speaks to his or her heart.

(and buy some Woo! Tungsten weights while you are there 🙂

The Pursuit by NuCanoe

I’ve been talking kayaks for years now and have set my butt in my fair share of different plastic boats. Typically they are all different – uniquely featured to cater to a particular fishing style that fits an angler the best, and because there is no one size fit all kayak on the market I never thought I would find the one right kayak for me. After years of searching I came to the realization that I would have to own multiple kayaks for multiple situations, which did not fit our living arrangements very well, and before long I have a handful of kayaks taking up the kids play area and a wife giving me the stare. (If you are married you know that stare!)

My prayers we answered when NuCanoe designed The Pursuit, a hybrid kayak that checks off all of the needs on my list. Now let me quickly clarify something. By no means am I saying this kayak is the best on the market or the one you should rush off to demo. This post is to simply allow you to understand my choice in a kayak and to highlight the features that have benefited me. Now back to the Pursuit.

For a quick overview, the Pursuit is a hybrid kayak that sits at 13.5’ long and is 35’’ at its widest point. Weight is roughly 82lbs. Unlike its brothers and sisters in the NuCanoe family it sits only one. The width of the yak helps in its stability (which is essential for me) and its length allows it to track fairly well. But that was not the selling points.

What I liked the most about the Pursuit is its open, free of clutter, free to customize deck. There is literally nothing in your way which makes it a very good platform to make your own. I am a simple guy and like very little when it comes to kayak rigging. The Pursuit gave me just that.

Everything was planned out. The internal rod tubes and paddle holder on the sides allow me to place my gear out of the way when not in use. The crate spaces on the bow and stern gives me the freedom to place my cooler, battery for the motor (I will get to that shortly), or fish bag out of the way while not cluttering up my leg space. I’m 6’4 – all legs. I need the leg space.


And then there is the motor capability. Motors are somewhat controversial in the kayak fishing industry but I personally love the idea. The transom on the Pursuit is squared and the kayak is rated for up to a 2.5 HP or equivalent motor. In addition, NuCanoe is coming out with a Plug and Play Motor Solution in the coming months. (See video below)

There are always dislikes and I would be doing you a disservice if I did not tell you what I do not like about this kayak. First and foremost is the lack of handles. There are two handles that come equipped on the kayak. One at the bow and the stern. Having two on the sides would help loading and transporting the kayak. I should be installing these in the very near future.

The only other dislike (sort of) is the scuppers. I wish they were a tab bit larger but they still drain the deck well. It is not something I tend to worry about.

The Pursuit by NuCanoe is a stable, relatively fast kayak that fits ME! Oh and I almost forgot to mention to check out the sweet, custom padding kit Seadek provided for me! You can see more at www.Seadek.com

Come back shortly for a full overview video on the NuCanoe Pursuit.

To find out more about NuCanoe or the Pursuit, head over to www.NuCanoe.com

Journal Entry #2 – Pro-Cure Bait Scents

Everyone needs a little advantage from time to time. My advantage is Pro-Cure. I put that stuff on everything……except hotdogs!

(Oh and how do you like the song at the end?)