The 6 Best AR-15 Sling in 2022

You are here: Home / Training / Personal Defense / 10 Tactical Experts Share Their Go-To AR-15 Setups For All Things Defensive As America’s favorite shooting platform, the AR-15 has numerous custom setups and variations. Just like its owner, every AR-15 is different and is customized to serve a variety of purposes. One of the … Read more

Top 18 arma 3 backpack cfg en iyi 2022

Create at all costs. Outlet Store Need Help? account Filters Sort by: Your cart is empty Locator Series Designed for Hard-Charging, Human-Powered Adventures. Dropping Fall 2022 Further not Faster. There’s an all new archetype for touring skis built around downhill performance. Learn more Dropping Fall 2022 It’s okay to draw outside the lines. fw 21 … Read more

Alien Gear Holsters | Hands-On Review

By Seth I first heard of Alien Gear Holsters on a Facebook advertisement. I wasn’t in the market for a holster, but their logo and pictures intrigued me. So I checked them out and was interested in their design and I appreciated the fact that they are American made. Naturally when Will asked if I … Read more

Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow Review

September 09, 2014 By Jon E. Silks The goal for the new Matrix Mega 405 is obvious — hit hard, crush bone and take down whatever is in your sights, no matter how big it is. On the Excalibur website, this rig is equated to an African double-rifle and the company’s intent is made clear. … Read more

ALL AROUND UTILITY | Ruger’s .223 Gunsite Scout Rifle

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, a concept envisioned by Col. Jeff Cooper, is reintroduced as a do-it-all shooter in another versatile caliber. The 16.1-inch barrel wears a flash hider that comes off, making room for other barrel attachments. Notice the black blade front sight that is well protected. Author photo Consider this: After getting a … Read more

Glock 43: The Best Concealed Carry Gun In The World?

We’re doing a Glock 43 Review. The Glock 43 was Glock’s answer to the Smith and Wesson Shield. Smith and Wesson’s Shield was the first commercially successful single stack or stack and a half 9mm pistol to enter the US market. There had been other guns before it. Such as the Kahr and Walther offerings. … Read more

Under Armour Base 4.0 Review

The 4.0 is suited for traditional team sports in cold weather, but doesn’t fit in with the rest of the crowd for most outdoor recreational activities Credit: Icebreaker “> Credit: Icebreaker Price:  $85 List | $79.96 at Amazon Pros:  Very breathable, sufficiently durable, not too warm for high intensity sports Cons:  Uncomfortable, cannot fit over another layer, no … Read more

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching (2022)

Binoculars mean the difference between seeing a little gray bird and identifying a titmouse, cheering a home run and seeing the epic catch, or realizing that the 10-point buck is actually a doe standing in front of dead branches. Whether you’re scouting terrain, watching birds in your backyard, or getting season tickets to Fenway, binoculars … Read more

The Best Ankle Holster Glock 26

So you just bought a Glock 26? Firstly, congratulations on purchase of the optimum double stack Glock sub-compact. For most, the qualities demanded in a sub-compact can be summed up as, conceal-ability, reliability, ergonomics, though, none of these at the cost of firepower. For Glock shooters who don’t want to rely on 6+1, the Glock … Read more