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Typically I shy away from backpacks covered in MOLLE and paracord. They scream tactical, military and give an overall perception to others that the bag contains something along those lines. I’m not sure that I would carry this pack around town in an urban environment because of that. I would recommend this pack for use … Read more

Why You Need the CVA Scout V2 Pistol – CVA

Daisy Literally Wrote the Book on Shooting Education In 1955, Daisy wrote the first organized curriculum on shooting education. The lesson plan, which starts with gun safety instruction, has evolved over the years into Daisy’s Shooting Education Ten Lesson Curriculum. The lesson plans include topics such as gun safety rules, types of firearms, safe carries, … Read more

Gear from Entry Level to Pro – ProPaintball.com

Shop for Paintball Markers Who doesn’t love paintball! Whether you are a shop owner looking to stock up or someone who’s organizing a fun weekend activity, eBay has a wide range of paintball markers that you may want to check out. Whether you have an electric or mechanical paintball gun, you can find the marker … Read more

Ford secures batteries to build 600,000 EVs a year by 2023

This article also appears in The 2023 Lyriq has low-roofed wagon cues and a unique silhouette, but there’s no “frunk” under the broad hood. (GM) Cadillac Lyriq spearheads GM’s EV assault 2022-07-18 Bill Visnic Cadillac aims to reestablish the brand’s credentials by hitting the heart of the luxury EV market with a sleek and aggressively-priced … Read more

Marlin 6 Gen 2 | Trek Bikes

Throw your predictions here for the direction the marlin 7 could take in 2023. What colors would u like to see? What specs do u think the 2023 model will have? My predictions- Color- I’d love to see the emerald iris from 2020 to return. (I already have a marlin 7 2021 though) Specs- might … Read more

Switchback Travel | Best Camping Chairs of 2022

Thoughts of camping chairs may conjure up images of $10 specials out front a big-box retailer, but let’s reorient ourselves to a slightly higher standard. We expect a proper car camping chair to not only fold up for easy transport, but to be comfortable, supportive, and made to last—even in rough and tumble weather. Below … Read more

Primary Arms New Products

You’re going to hear a whole lot of this acronym this year — LPVO. It stands for Low-Powered Variable Optic, and it’s the insurgent category of riflescopes from at least a dozen brands. What are you going to hear precious little about? Spotting scopes. Those are two of the dominant trends in sporting optics that … Read more