Haze v. Kush: what is the best Cannabis Strain?

In the cannabis community, a couple of strains have always stood out throughout history.  Among this shortlist are the iconic Haze and Kush strains which are genetic ancestors to most of the cannabis strains available on 420 seed banks. Although both the Haze and Kush strain are powerful, they differ in so many ways.

Origins of Haze and Kush Strains

Also called Neville or Original Haze, Haze is a member of the Sativa cannabis family. It was first discovered in the ’70s when two North Carolina cultivators combined a bunch of weed strains from Columbia, India and Thailand. Its popularity today was as a result of a cannabis grower in Holland known as Neville who crossed bred them on his farm. On the other hand, Kush stems from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, countries popular for growing Indica strains. One of the fascinating facts about Kush strains is their ability to flourish in unfavorable climatic conditions and yield remarkable harvests in a short time.

Features of Haze and Kush

As stated above, although the Haze and Kush strains are both powerful, they differ in so many ways. For instance, the effect produced by each of this strain varies deeply. Often the potency of cannabis is linked to its THC contents. However, a strain’s ability to get you high also depends on cannabinoid and terpenes levels, as well as the user’s body chemistry and physiological responses.  Generally, both strains have strong psychoactive effects; however, while Kush offers a sleepy highness; it is also more reassuring and perfect for treatment of insomnia, stress and all forms of pains. Haze on the other hand, energizes its user; it is perfect for mood elevation, alertness and increasing focus.

In addition, another noticeable difference can be seen in their appearance. The Kush Indica plant captivates growers with its robust features such as its purple buds and broad leaves. Due to its compact size, Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Haze grows slim and long in a mixture of orange hairs and light green buds just like the cannabis Sativa nature, some of them grow up to 8m long, which is why they are perfect for outdoor growing.  Furthermore, Haze is known for its fruity notes combined with an earthy-sweet aroma which standout from the crowd. Like most Indica strains, Kush stands out with pine, spice and penetrating earthy notes that hit hard on the nose.

Which is the best Cannabis Strain?

What is regarded as the best strain varies between users. It largely depends on your need as well as the experience you crave to have. For instance, if you want to increase agility when high, you should go for Haze. However, if you want to enjoy a sense of relaxation or induce sleep, then the Kush strain should be your best option.

Finally, despite the strain you choose to opt for, it is important to note that the seeds, leaves and buds of Kush and Haze all possess therapeutic and medicinal properties that are effective in treating depression, anxiety, pains and insomnia.