10 Best Vegetable Hydroponics System 2021

Growing your own vegetable hydroponically can be a tricky and tedious task or it also can be a simple task, it depends on how you make it. Building a system by yourself is the exciting but time-consuming method to hydroponics. This is because you will have check the pH level frequently, keep an eye on the water levels, recycle the water regularly, etc.

Instead, you can grow vegetable with less space, easier, and less effort with the best vegetable hydroponics system. These automatic systems will provide the nutrients and water that your plants need, takes care of vegetable, and do virtually all of the job for you.

Top 10 Vegetable Hydroponics System 2021

#1 AeroGarden Farm 24XL

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This is the biggest line of hydroponic systems from AeroGarden. The Farm 24XL unit allows you to grow up to 36” height vegetables and provides 24 pod sites for 24 plants grow at once. The ideal system to helps you neatly and comfortably cultivate your own vegetable. It includes two 60W LED lights, which can be adjust and control separately. These two LED light system allows you to grow vegetables of different heights. It comes with 24 salad bar seed pods. All the versions in this product line of AeroGarden are all Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to control yours farm from anywhere via smartphone app.

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#2 iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

When it comes to hydroponics kits, iDOO can be the newcomer. However, it is affordable, has a modern design and offers a lot off features. The 24 Watt Led light has 3 smart modes for different growth stages are automated lighting for 14 hours – 10 hours off, 12 hours lighting – 12 hours off, and 16 hours lighting- 8 hours off. There are also two water circulation modes for you to choose from. The sleeping mode, which the pump will shut down for 12 hours and then restart as usual operation and the 30-minute water circulation mode, which the pump operates for 30 minutes before shutting off for 30 minutes.

#3 LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit

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When it comes to producing leafy greens vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, canola, spinach; this hydroponic kit, which is made of PVC pipe are the best. It may be a little more difficult to assemble this unit than others, but it is still worth your time and effort. A comprehensive instruction manual is included with this package. This kit includes a submersible water pump. The pump will cycle water with nutrients across the PVC pipe, supplying root systems with a constant stream of nutrients-rich water for maximum growth. Additionally, the water pump also features a timer, which allows you to control the time it operates and turn off automatically. However, you will have to add a nutrient reservoir tank in this kit.

#4 The Atwater HydroPod – Bubble Bucket – Bubbleponics

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There are a lot of things packed with this DWC bucket, this is why it more expensive than other hydroponic buckets in the market. This hybrid system combines the advantages of DWC hydroponics with drip hydroponics. It features a dual outlet air pump, which pushes water and nutrients from reservoir tanks to the plant’s roots. And it also comes with drip ring, which offer extra aeration to plant’s roots. When being used outside under the sunlight, this kit includes all you need to grow your own garden, it comes with air pump, grow & bloom nutrients, Liquid pH tester, dry pH up & down, rockwool 6 pack, etc.

#5 Giraffe-X Hydroponic Grow Kit 108 Plant Sites 12 Pipes 3 Layers

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Are you looking for the hydroponics system to grown a greater number of crops than any other system but with an affordable price? Giraffe-X Hydroponic Ebb & Flow System is specifically designed for your needs. A remarkable 108 plants may be housed in this system, with 12 pipes and 3 layers. Quality materials, many essential attachments, and quickly assemble parts are all to be expected from this kit. Aside from its PVC-U pipes and other construction supplies, this pack also includes a water pump, a plant sponge, and soft hose.

#6 Ivation Herb Indoor Garden Kit – Complete Hydroponic Grow System

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This all-in-one kit includes everything need to grow herbs, greens and veggies in all seasons. You just need to insect your seeds and the kit is always ready to work. This small kit has enough space for growing 11 plants at once. You’ll also receive 30 seeding pot and seed baskets, tweezers, a measurement container, and five anti-algae planting caps. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your plants will grow thanks to the 125 mini LED lights. There’s also an automated cycle mode, which will replicate outside day and night cycle.

#7 TORCHSTAR Indoor Herb Garden

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If you have limited budget but still want to get a complete, smart hydroponic system, this TORCHSTAR Indoor Herb Garden is absolutely greatest option. It comes with superior quality Led lighting with 22 LED light bulbs, which is especially designed for indoor growth to mimics the natural sunlight and outdoor environment. You don’t have to worry about remembering where you should turn on or off the lights because it has a timer with 16 hours on and 8 hours off function. With nicely and modern designed and compact size of 16.5 inches x 11.4 inches x 5.4 inches, this small garden can comfortably fit your kitchen or living room.

#8 Burpee Home Professional Two Tier Grow Light

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This Burpee home professional will meet all of your lighting needs and ensure you vegetables ae exposed to enough light for healthy growth. The two-tier kit includes two trays that are measured 22 x 11 inch with 2 adjustable 20 watt full spectrum light. Two layer means that you will have plenty room to grow your plants but it is still compact, lightweight, and does not take up twice as much space.